14K Gold Women 14K Gold & Topaz Necklace NOCOLOR 6532-1745001 AIEZTQD

Gold-tone finish, chain construction, topaz embellishments Spring ring closure 29 1/2" u

$16.60 $71.83

14K Gold Women 14K Gold Onyx & Cross Pendant Necklace NOCOLOR 6532-9072001 HTLEATN

Gold-tone finish, chain construction, onyx accents, cross pendant  Spring ring closure,

$17.20 $62.97

AllSaints Women Gold-Tone Medallion Pendant Necklace GOLD 2001205313 YGQHNTQ

Gold-tone finish, chain construction Medallion pendant with chain accent, lobster clasp c

$30.51 $65.86

Anissa Kermiche Women Gold-plated pearl necklace NET 1171219 NVRQLUH


$37.32 $111.84

Anita Berisha Women Gold-tone pearl choker of 1218605 MJUIILA


$41.22 $123.99

Area Stars Women Silver-Tone Layered Y Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-2672001 UOEEEPP

Silver-tone chain construction, disc-shaped embellishments Lobster clasp closure, chain b

$26.56 $62.86

Betsey Johnson Women Gold-Tone & Black Layered Heart Necklace NOCOLOR 2001065890 KSYUW

Gold-tone finish, chain and bead construction, two-layer design Pave heart pendant and bo

$17.43 $73.97

Betsey Johnson Women Gold-Tone & Blue Moon Pendant Necklace NOCOLOR 2001065887 IOPVYYU

Gold-tone finish, velvet strap and link construction Moon pendant with crystal accent, lo

$29.18 $73.88

Betsey Johnson Women Gold-Tone Camera Pendant Necklace NOCOLOR 2001066039 EJEWWQG

Gold-tone finish, ball chain construction Camera pendant with opening lens, lobster clasp

$15.03 $76.00

Betsey Johnson Women Gold-Tone Tassel Feather Pendant Necklace NOCOLOR 2001066138 CLYJSQC

Gold-tone finish, chain construction, black feather-inspired pendant Chain tassel, crysta

$15.30 $68.94

Betsey Johnson Women Set of Four Gold-Tone Heart Pendant Necklace NOCOLOR 2001065870 UWNWC

Gold-tone finish, chain construction Heart pendant with pave crystal accent, lobster clas

$22.77 $63.90

Bibi Marini Women Mitu gold-plated and bead necklace show 1162943 WGVUHSO


$40.74 $126.85

Carol Dauplaise Women Gold-Tone & Yellow Floral Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-9536001 FNMNOLO

Gold-tone chain construction, linked floral-inspired detailing with crystal-like accents

$31.00 $63.88

Carol Dauplaise Women Silver-Tone & Blue Floral Necklace 6603-2133000 LBZXQKM

Silver-tone chain construction, linked floral-inspired detailing with rhinestone-like ac

$22.20 $73.93

Catherine Stein Women Gold-Tone & White Charm Long Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-5027001 DZMHZ

Gold-tone chain construction, threaded disc-shaped and white round embellishments  Lobst

$19.63 $62.98

Catherine Stein Women Gold-Tone Clear Accented Statement Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-5848001 DMW

Gold-tone chain construction, linked clear embellishments Lobster clasp closure, chain ba

$28.82 $72.87

Catherine Stein Women Gold-Tone Mixed Stone Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-1025000 XIORRAJ

Gold-tone finish, chain construction Assorted stone details, lobster clasp closure 15" un

$16.26 $63.87

Catherine Stein Women Pink & Gold-Tone Layered Cord Necklace NOCOLOR 6603-0092001 FSQD

Multi strand cord construction, threaded gold-tone cylindrical accents Lobster clasp clos

$19.99 $71.85

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